The Cat Patio allows your cat to spend time outdoors safely.

It will be your cat's favorite place!



Weed Killer Cane Sponge Tip                 Weed Killer Cane in Action


If you have an indoor cat, you need a Cat Patio.


The Cat Patio lets your cat safely enjoy the outdoors. They get out in the fresh air, feel the breeze, see the sky, smell, hear and see the things going on outside, without the dangers of being outside.


The Cat Patio is made of galvanized steel and aluminum, so it is strong and durable. A lip holds the enclosure securely in the window. Carpet is on the floor for your cat's comfort. Thick, transparent plastic is used on the front. The plastic is held on with Velcro. A flap in the flexible plastic allows your kitty to enter and leave the patio. CATS LOVE IT.

It can be put in and taken out in a few seconds without tools.*


Weed Killer Cane makes killing weeds easy.








The Cat Patio kit is just $49.99 + S&H


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*with windows like the one shown in the pictures